WHY  ReWine ?

I am Medical Psychologist Baraka W. Perez.  Throughout my 20 years as a clinician, I have utilized meditation and imagery with my clients to ease anxiety, suppress self-doubt, and motivate them to seek their purpose.  It is abundantly clear that the simple practice of mindfulness has positive effects on one's outlook and ability to face daily challenges.  I created ReWine so that everyone can have access to this inner peace and acceptance outside of a clinical setting.  




Each experience fosters your spirit with what it needs that day, that hour, in that moment.  My sessions are tailored so no two sessions are the same.  Are you seeking your truth, adjusting to change, easing a restless mind?  Do you lack motivation, harbor negative feelings, or have issues sleeping?  Maybe you are an emotional eater or tend to see the glass as half full. Are there moments when you feel overwhelmed, doubt your worth, or literally can't catch your breath?  Need help identifying your mantra?  You tell me what you need and I will give you just that.   


I offer experiences for individuals and groups.  Sometimes we need a moment to gather our thoughts independently.  Other times, when we want to celebrate togetherness with others who seek inner peace and wellness.



For individual meditation sessions, simply tell me when you'd like guidance settling your mind and focusing on what brings you joy.  Whether you just need a refresher or weekly me time, I'm here for you! These virtual rejuvenators typically last 30 minutes, but the reward can be life altering!  How often do you devote time to taking care of yourself? Individual session are $75 per session.  Discounted rates are available for repeat sessions.  Don't you deserve scheduled "Me Time?"  Make it a part of your weekly routine and reap the benefits big time!


Celebrating with your village is a great way to reunite with old friends or build bonds with new ones.  Meditating as a group allows us to connect with those who also seek the ability to be present.  It prompts a ripple of understanding and tranquility.  These 50 minute group virtual sessions allow us to interact as though we are in the same room.   Simply create your guest list and I'll send the invites.  You and your village will login to your virtual gathering and enjoy customized guided mindfulness and meditation activities.  I create an environment that will leave your village rejuvenated and refreshed!  Village sessions are $150 per session.

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DISCLAIMER: The contents of this site and services rendered by ReWine are for entertainment purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or mental disorder.  Although Dr. Baraka W. Perez is a Medical Psychologist, participating in individual or group sessions through ReWine does not indicate a therapeutic relationship.  Services received through ReWine are not intended to be a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.