THE               STORY

My village.  It all began with my village.  For nearly 20 years, we've maintained a strong bond and friendship.  When we are together, we always seem to make each other laugh and lift each other up.  Add a little wine, and we're good.  I always leave our gatherings feeling determined, ReFreshed, and validated.  My village.

Photo Credit: Anthony Perez

What better way to share time with your village than to ReLax while you ReUnite, ReStore,  ReJuvenate? Guided meditation does that for you.  It allows you to seek inner peace in the presence of supportive energy.  Meditation is also a great take-away.  You can take the techniques you've learned after the party has ended.  You'll leave feeling a sense of purpose knowing you have methods that you can use later to quiet your mind chatter. Inner peace is better than any goodie bag!

The support of my village is like no other!  We share a lot of things...including a love for wine.  We also share the yearning to be in the moment, find calmness, and appreciate what has been bestowed upon us.  Put it all together and you've got